Whirly Bird Installation


A Modern Solution for Your Space

Purr-Fect Roofing Pty Ltd. installs a variety of whirlybird ventilators, including the Edmonds Wind master, Turbo Ventura, Turbo beam and Industrial Ventilation Hurricane Turbine Ventilator. These wind-driven roof ventilators, sourced from Australian-based company Bradford Ventilation, combine classic design with high tech features for guaranteed, long-lasting performance.

Why is Roof Ventilation So Important?

Businesses may choose to install roof ventilation for a range of reasons, whether to improve the comfort of their workspace or to protect their technical equipment. Most importantly, professional ventilation protects against dangerous air pollutants and ensures the longevity of roof structures by preventing the build-up of heat, condensation, and airborne particles.

Unlike other areas, Morisset, Newcastle, and the Central Coast regularly experience high temperatures and extreme weather events. Having ventilation suited to your space can make the difference between an uncomfortable or dangerous work environment, and an ambient, well-ventilated space. Further benefits of roof ventilation include:

  • Reduced pressure on air conditioning systems, allowing for reduced energy use and lower costs
  • The reduction of internal or external air pollutants and gases
  • An improved environment for delicate, technical equipment

The Wind master Turbine Ventilator

The Edmonds Wind master is a wind-driven turbine ventilator designed to release heat and moisture from your building’s roof space. Constructed from light-weight aluminium, the Wind master has a classic design and comes with a 15-year warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting comfort in your home. The Wind master’s key functions are removing heat trapped in the roof cavity in summer months and removing moisture in the winter months.

The Wind master has a number of accompanying accessories which can help it fit into the unique environment of your home. When paired with the Whirly Mate ceiling grille and Poly Eave Vent, the Wind master can offer excellent living-space ventilation. With the option of a manual shutter, customers can control the amount of ventilation they receive, and when.

The Wind master has a number of features and benefits:

  • Helps to prevent an internal build-up of hot air, moisture, and mould
  • Operates quietly
  • Sold in a large range of colours
  • Suitable for almost all roof types
  • Has replaceable bearings
  • 15-year warranty

TurboVentura Turbine Ventilator

The Turbo Ventura is a 150 mm roof-mounted and wind-driven turbine ventilator, best suited to ventilating small spaces that require the removal of condensation and moisture. The Turbo Ventura is perfect for sheds, small roofs, or cabins, and is quick to install and easy to maintain. Like the Wind master, this ventilator can be paired with a Poly Eave Vent for greater ventilation.

Features and benefits of the Turbo Ventura turbine ventilator:

  • Constructed from a UV stable polymer
  • Strong enough to withstand most extreme weather conditions
  • Vertical vane design for a subtle, sleek look
  • Due to the malleable base, the Turbo Ventura fits most roof types up to 45°

Turbo beam Wind-Powered Ventilator

Purr-Fect Roofing Pty Ltd. offers installation services for the Edmonds Turbo Beam wind-powered ventilator. With a transparent acrylic head, the Turbo beam ventilator has the perfect combination of practicality and visual appeal, allowing natural light to enter the roof space. It is particularly suited to small spaces that are often in use, including sheds, attics, and garages. The ventilator can withstand severe weather conditions, and boasts a 15-year warranty.

The features and benefits of the Turbo Beam include:

  • It efficiently exhausts hot air during the summer months
  • Helps to remove moisture build up
  • Acts as a skylight, bringing natural light into the roof space
  • Does not rust, meaning it can last for a long time
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • 15-year warranty

Industrial Hurricane Turbine Ventilator

The Industrial Hurricane Turbine ventilator is designed to improve the comfort, ventilation, and safety of workplaces and other commercial buildings. Unlike our other, smaller ventilators, the Industrial Hurricane ventilator is suited to large spaces that require a high amount of ventilation. With a variable pitch throat, a range of sizes, and choice of colours, this ventilator can suit a number of different needs and requirements.

Further features and benefits of the industrial hurricane turbine ventilator:

  • A highly durable ‘tandaco’ double row bearing system
  • Comes with a Sparkguard, preventing large particles from entering the building
  • Lightweight and easy to transport, allowing for reduced installation time and cost
  • Tested in line with Australian Standards
  • Excellent coefficient discharge levels
  • Manual and electric dampers, as well as internal grilles

To find out which whirlybird is best suited to your space, or to inquire about our installation services and prices, contact us at: